StudioCruz has over twenty years' experience of communicating complex products, situations, processes, and ideas. We've worked with product designers, litigation firms, innovators, educational institutions, and large corporations. We've also worked with individuals and small firms, helping them to promote their services and products. This site shows some examples of what StudioCruz has done for people and for businesses in the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay areas. Contact us for more details. 



StudioCruz has over ten years' experience of developing exhibits for trials and hearings, including precision illustration, animation, and video. Digital exhibits are demonstrably accurate in dimension and duration. They can also be interactive - in other words, able to change their viewpoint and detail in response to the flow of argument in court. We have the same length of experience of mission critical courtroom projection using duplicated laptops, projectors, and software. One of a series of large format exhibit boards prepared for Matteoni, O'Laughlin & Hechtman for an eminent domain case related to power lines. Developed in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Rhino for maximum editability during the case depending on argument each day.


StudioCruz offers design and development services for those with new product concepts, including design, digital modeling, appearance models, and functional prototypes. We also offer copyright and patenting advice in association with local patent attorneys. One of StudioCruz' Rhinoceros based engineering development models for Santa Cruz Kayaks, with photographs of the final rotationally molded product being manufactured



Chris Yonge teaches digital modeling and both 2D and 3D animation in the School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and at Cabrillo College in Aptos. The courses are popular and repeated several times a year. They are supported by an extensive range of PDF handouts and YouTube videos.Chris Yonge speaking at the Microsoft Game Changing Technology conference in 2013, and at TEDx Santa Cruz in 2012. You can download his resume here.


About us

At the start of any creative project it can be hard to see the way ahead. StudioCruz reduces that fog of uncertainty by making the reality and the potential of your ideas clear to all - including yourself. StudioCruz provides design, visualization, and development services for creative professionals, litigators, innovators, and educators. These are:


  • 3D sketching

  • precision digital modeling

  • product design and development

  • litigation graphics and courtroom presentation

  • technical animation and presentation videography

  • appearance and functional prototyping in plastics, metals, and wood


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