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StudioCruz is the consultancy of Chris Yonge, a designer/maker with four decades' experience of working with complex products, situations, processes, and ideas. The studio's clients include litigation firms, product innovators, educational institutions, large corporations, small businesses, and individuals. StudioCruz also collaborates with fellow professionals in the central California region on projects that help clients improve and promote their services and products. Click on an image for more detail on a feature of the studio's work.


Design is easy to talk about but difficult to describe. We define it as the blend of form, function, materials, and manufacture where the details of manufacture, material, form, and function each contribute to more than one goal.


StudioCruz offers design and development services for those with new product concepts, including design, digital modeling, appearance models, and functional prototypes. It offers rapid, basic in-house 3D printing and laser cutting with access through business partners in the area to advanced 3D printing in plastics and  metals, CNC machining of full sheet plywood, and water jet cut sheet metal components.


Chris Yonge has taught digital modeling and 3D animation in the Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz, since 2011, and at Cabrillo College since 2016. The courses are popular and taught several times a year. They are supported by a wide range of PDF handouts and custom videos. 3D training for schools, companies, and individuals is available for Blender, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, and technical communication in general.


Design, digital modeling, animation, and developing projects is both Chris Yonge's profession and his enthusiasm. These two pages show some examples of two ingredients of those interests.

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