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Instructional visualization

Assembly instructions for an exhibition booth designed by StudioCruz with graphics in the style of IKEA. These were produced in Rhinoceros using a line drawing rendering option. The full PDF instructions with text are here

The second project in the slide show is an explanatory animation for 3rd Stone Design, made in Blender and After Effects. You can see some of this animation at the 2:22 point in the StudioCruz video here

Click the image to the right to see an example of a teaching video for Chris Yonge's CMPM27 course on Substance Painter, taught at UCSC each Spring quarter to around 30 students. Most videos are uploaded to the Canvas teaching environment and are not available to the general public.

YouTube video for a Substance Painter course.jpg
A video introducing Makerspace at Cabrillo College.jpg

An introductory video about Cabrillo's Makerspace was commissioned in 2019 and put together in Camtasia by Chris Yonge. The introductory robot animation was made by Jason Matthews in Maya.

Finally, a personal video project. In 2018 Chris Yonge was asked by James Cook University to make a short video about his father, Maurice Yonge, who led the 1928 Great Barrier Reef expedition that undertook the first scientific study of the reef. However, there were only three days in which to make it and the quality suffered as a result. In any case, it's a good example of the studio's ability to do rapid production when required.

Personal video for James Cook University.jpg
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