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Let's say you're a creative professional - a designer, litigator, entrepreneur, or film maker, for example - and you want to explain a three dimensional concept. This concept changes over time and in various situations: it might be a product, a building, mountainous terrain, or a complex camera movement.


It has to be explained to a client, a jury, or an investor - someone who doesn't know what you have in mind but whose accurate understanding is vital. Do you use a flat, frozen drawing? What happens if they ask for a different perspective, or different sets of details? How do you show the way the concept changes over time, or has different options depending on the situation? Ten drawings? A hundred? Communicating form and process used to be like hiking in one of our dense coastal California fogs.


Now think of StudioCruz as your GPS. We create computer based graphics and videos that make 3D forms and actions accurate, provable, and clear. These include:



This site shows examples of our work. Please contact us for further details.

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